Autodesk Advance Steel for 3D Steel Modeling, Detailing & Fabrication

3D Modeling Software for Steel Detailing, Design, Fabrication, and Construction

"Advance Steel helps me work out the constructability of a design, and gives me that other set of eyes when I’m rechecking complex spatial geometry." –Bart Rohal Founder and President, Steel Detailing Online, Inc.

Advance Steel Overview (1.33 min)

Import 3D models to accelerate steel fabrication

Structural engineers can use a bidirectional link between Advance Steel detailing software and Revit to collaborate on the same 3D model, saving time and minimizing errors.

Automate repetitive tasks with an intelligent design toolset

Generate complex structures in fewer steps with the Dynamo Extension for Advance Steel. Use the library of parametric steel connections and dedicated tools to accelerate design and other tasks.

Adopt a BIM workflow for better accuracy and predictability

Automatically create and update steel fabrication deliverables. Create model-driven shop deliverables and NC files to streamline fabrication and installation. Autodesk Advance Steel structural steel detailing software is built to help structural engineers, detailers, and fabricators more quickly and easily create information-rich building models that can help drive the fabrication of steel components.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process-based workflow that helps businesses work more efficiently and helps teams complete projects on time and on budget. Advance Steel helps detailers and fabricators model with intelligence and helps designers and engineers extend their BIM workflows through to detailed modeling.

Autodesk Advance Steel rendering of staircase
Dedicated tools for stairs, railings and cage ladders.


Advance Steel Features Autodesk Advance Steel rendering of steal beams

Steel modeling

  • Propagation of steel connections - Manage repetitive connection design more easily and efficiently.
  • Parametric steel connections - Ready-to-use Connection Vault can help save time.
  • Stairs, railings, and cage ladders - Model miscellaneous steelwork more quickly.
  • Sheet metal and folded plate work - Create folded elements of any shape more quickly.
  • Fabrication data information - Access and transfer fabrication data and properties.
  • Dynamo extension for Advance Steel - Create parametric complex structures with a visual programming tool.
  • Built-in connection design engine - Check steel-connection design in real time.
  • Intelligent structural objects- Speed modeling with object libraries and wizards. 

Autodesk Advance Steel rendering of building skeleton

Detailing and documentation

  • Cut view symbols improvement - Control cut view symbols representation.
  • General arrangement drawings - Produce clearer drawings for erection at site.
  • Steel shop drawings - Generate more accurate drawings for fabrication.
  • NC data - Generate data for CNC workshop machines.
  • Create more accurate BOMs - Automatically generate BOMs based on design data.
  • Document Manager - Control and track your documentation.
  • Drawing update with revision - Spend less time tracking modifications with revision clouds.


  • Bidirectional link with Revit - Speed time to fabrication with model synchronization.
  • AutoCAD Plant 3D interoperability - Integrate real-time workflow.
  • Robot Structural Analysis interoperability - Optimize your structure with bidirectional links.
  • BIM 360 interoperabilty - Collaborate more efficiently across the design team.
  • MIS software interoperability - Export data via KISS, XML, or IFC with MIS software.
  • Custom settings import - Import your custom settings when moving to new versions.
  • Open and flexible API - Extend and enhance the use of Advance Steel.
  • IFC capabilities - Import or export a 3D model to an IFC 2x3 file.
  • View native drawings in AutoCAD - View Advance Steel drawings with object enabler.
  • Navisworks interoperability - Integrate data for quantification, simulation, and review.
  • Shared views- Improve collaboration within or outside your organization.
  • Attach a point cloud - Work with a point cloud for greater accuracy.

"The advantages that Advance Steel brings include the automation tools: automated marking of pieces, automated connections, automated creation of drawings, parts and plans; and it does a really good job of it." –Erich Bretz, P.E. Principal, MB BIM Solutions

"The Advance Steel software’s ease of use, speed of modeling and connection design, and integrated design checks on the fly—combined with the ability to reuse the structural engineer’s Revit model—helped us reduce our anticipated schedule time by approximately 20 percent." –Adrian Betts Drawing Office Manager, TSI Structures

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