ForgeFlow™ is a suite of pre-built, configurable Autodesk Forge integrations available by subscription.

ForgeFlow includes powerful administration tools for Fusion 360 Manage that extends and increases the value of product lifecycle management (PLM) for your business.


Export Views and Grid Data to Excel

Bulk Import/Update Item Details While Triggering Create/Edit Scripts

Search and Inspect Workspace Configurations, Scripts, and Users

Bulk Load

Fast Load Attachments to Multiple Items Through Drag/Drop

Register Webhooks and View Webhook Registrations and Status

Download All

Bulk Run On-Demand Scripts on Items

FAQs About ForgeFlow™

No. ForgeFlow runs completely in the cloud.

No. You can add as many users from your organization as you'd like.

Yes. An Autodesk Account is required to authenticate to ForgeFlow. If you do not have an Autodesk Account you can create one for free HERE.

Yes. The account you use to configure the Fusion 360 Manage tenant connection in ForgeFlow must have an active F3M license.

Yes. You will need the client id and secret from an active Forge App to establish a connection to Forge services that ForgeFlow will use.

Not yet, but soon!

Most likely yes. We are evaluating the cost associated with running ForgeFlow integrations as we test it and get it ready for release. There may need to be a fee associated high numbers of requests, executions or large amounts of data that consume large amounts of cloud resources. We will make that information available as soon as we know.

The active ForgeFlow roadmap includes • Build your own integrations • BIM 360 features • Data Management features • Model Derivative Service features • Data Analytics features • And more…

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