Our Professional Consulting Team helps firms pursue Corporate Objectives with Lean Enterprise.

The Lean Enterprise methodology is a continuous improvement process that increases efficiencies & optimizes every area of a manufacturing business. 

By focusing on "The Five Pillars" for Optimum Performance in Manufacturing Business, our exclusive methodology strengthens all departments in a manufacturing organization. Whatever the objective, with the Lean Enterprise methodology, clients achieve more than merely cutting waste on the production floor.

By examining the five key areas: Leadership, People, Processes, Technology, and Data, a holistic strategy is crafted that fosters growth, performance, and cooperation while also supporting the individual team members, departments, and organizational goals.

Lean Enterprise is a comprehensive methodology that will help manufacturing organizations evolve into the successful company they want to be.

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The process involves an objective assessment of value & performance in 5-key areas (pillars) affecting company objectives:

Leadership – Vision, Direction, Goals, Communication, Culture
People – Organizational Effectiveness, Accountability, Team Mentality, Skillsets
Processes – Defined, Enforced, Efficient, Optimized
Technology – Current, Effective, Utilized, Implemented
Data – Captured, Accurate, Accessible, Relevant

We call these “The 5 Pillars” for Optimum Performance in Manufacturing Business. Through unbiased evaluation, our clients are also benchmarked against others in the industry. We call this assessment, the Lean Enterprise Maturity™ Model.

Explore how others have used the Lean Enterprise methodology to increase efficiencies & optimizes every area of a manufacturing business in our pillar filtered customer success story library.

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D3’s Typical Point of Entry is Engineering


It's all about the data, which we refer to as "Engineering Intelligence" because it's fluid and changes often.

  • Engineering is often referred to as the "Black Box" of manufacturing organizations. Meaning, it's mysterious, but also highly technical and complex.
  • D3 exposes what's going on in the "Black Box" so the entire enterprise can benefit from the Engineering Intelligence (data) engineering creates.
  • In D3's experience, when companies design products, the engineering department owns all of the data.
  • Production cannot manufacture anything without engineering's data.
  • Sales cannot sell anything without production, making products.
  • Finance will not need to worry about counting money without sales.
  • Therefore, there will be no customers to service or support.

Let D3’s industry experts help your company draw a reliable road map to success. Achieving engineering efficiency plays a pivotal role in helping you not only reach your goals but increase productivity, reduce costs and give you a leg up.

Are you ready to improve your Engineering department, boost profitability, and reduce costs? Contact D3 to schedule a consultation.

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