Our Story

As the 2D-to-3D evolution began ramping up in the 90’s, I began receiving calls from manufacturing companies reaching out to consult with me on how to go about making the leap to 3D.

With education in both mechanical design and information systems, and as an industry professional with several years of CAD experience on multiple platforms, I was able to leverage my experience and expertise to give them the guidance they needed to evolve to 3D and take their engineering technology to the next level.

By 1999, the demand became too much as a side consulting gig, so I founded D3 with one purpose in mind; build an elite team to help manufacturing companies become more successful by leveraging the latest in engineering & design technologies. Today, not only is that our purpose, it is the passion of everyone here at D3…Having that passion is a requirement to be on our team.

Original D3 Employees

A lot has happened since 1999. There is no doubt we have been very blessed. D3 became Autodesk Authorized in 2000, and since then, we have been the most awarded Autodesk Manufacturing Reseller in North America.

Some of our awards include winning the most coveted award of Autodesk Partner of the Year, as well as, 3-time Autodesk Partner of the Quarter and 6-time Autodesk Manufacturing Partner Fastest Annual Growth awards.

However, the awards we’re most proud of come from serving our customers with passion; Autodesk Top 10 Loyalty Partner, Autodesk Training Center of the Year, and Autodesk User Group Sponsor of the Year.

Autodesk Awards

As we move forward, we are venturing into new areas of manufacturing technologies as they become available. We recently launched D3’s Prototyping Division after taking on the name Master Reseller for Autodesk CAM Solutions. Not only that, but we’ve also earned Autodesk’s Simulation Specialization and added a Professional Engineer and Simulation Specialist to our growing team of Digital Prototyping experts. We will be investing heavily into our team to keep our technical resources on the cutting edge so that we can continue to provide our customers with the best support and training. With the success of our recent expansion into the Dallas/FTW area, we will continue to be on a constant lookout for opportunities to expand into new territories.

D3 Technologies Founder

Our founding purpose is also the basis of our company mission; utilize all our talents, resources and expertise to help our manufacturing customers be the absolute best at what they do. Whatever they manufacture, whether its tanks, conveyors, windows, fans, or skids, we will do everything in our power to help them be the leader in their industry and crush their competition.

Kevin Schlack,
Founder & President of D3

Old D3 Technologies Logo