Plastic Injection / Mold Simulation

D3 Engineering Services offers advanced expertise into the process of bringing plastic parts to production while optimizing their functionality.

Moldflow helps creators and manufacturers simulate potential problems and environmental strains on plastic parts before production. Troubleshoot issues such as warpage and weld lines while experimenting with new product designs.

  • Mesh to solve in one click
  • Cloud analysis
  • Direct geometry editing
  • Fusion 360 for CAD repair
  • Controlled valve gate opening
  • Shrinkage and warpage
  • Part and process optimization
  • Thermoplastics injection molding


Failure Analysis

Failure analysis can help simulate environmental stress and other factors that could affect the integrity of the plastic parts. This feature allows you to test different scenarios on the plastic parts before producing them saving money and time while creating a quality product.

Material Evaluation

Many materials can be used in a product. Moldflow specializes in plastic and how it performs overtime. This expertise in plastic material allows you to create high quality products that are created specifically with your design and the material in mind.

Design Evaluation

Make sure your designs are functional along with being structurally sound with design evaluation. Optimize your designs and create innovative products that hold up to the wear and tear of everyday use.

Moldflow Analysis

The goal is to create a faster production time with the lowest price. Moldflow helps you create plastic parts and bring them to production quicker.

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