Is Excel Your Source of Truth?

Excel - Is it the Right tool for what you're using it for?

Everyone uses it.  It's great to keep information in and to be able to extract outputs or analytics.  It is easy to use and fairly easy to master.  Even the more complicated functionality can be learned with some effort…but is it the right tool for what you are using it for?

For one person it is exactly what you need…BUT, as soon as you add another person, its effectiveness can start to diminish.  Add a complete team and spread them out across a large building or possibly across time zones and it really is just WRONG.

What then?

Integrated Dashboard Solutions (IDS) - Dashboard technology set up to pull data from various systems in real time and able to present the data in tailored and meaningful ways specific to the user…with all of the dials and analytics.  In addition to the details, it also allows you to force workflow procedures for sign-off and traceability, thus SOP adoption.  Score!!!

Integrated Dashboard Solutions or excel

Now you can really start to leverage the value of a spreadsheet in a platform designed to foster true collaboration and give you the real time visibility that you need to make decisions on the fly. 

If you want to trade in your spreadsheets let me know.  D3 Technologies works with companies to solve workflow challenges, it's what we do.

Work from anywhere. Process what you need, when you need, and get the outputs you need.

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