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Make design work

Growth starts when you recognize that your product data, your systems, your people and even your processes are concrete business assets. Much of the time, however, those assets are disconnected and under-utilized. When that happens, they become centers of cost and not the generators of value. D3 Technologies is a team of process experts that work with manufacturing clients to make the most of their assets. We’ll help you manage and automate engineering and product design data to streamline your processes. By leveraging product data across the entire enterprise, we can help you drive innovation and boost profitability.

A key to our success with D3 was their focus on improving our operational workflow - not just our design process. [It] has really improved our overall efficiency. - Rob Schellin, Dir. of Engineering, Nelson Global Products

What Can D3 Do For You?


  • Manage file state, revision history and permissions
  •  Manage change and approval routing
  •  Manage backup and replication of data
  • Improve collaboration, sharing and team access


  • Create a single point of truth for all product data
  • Standardize processes for the entire product lifecycle
  • Connect teams with best practice workflows 
  • Reduce dependency of tribal knowledge


  • Configuration provides faster and accurate quoting
  • Automation drives product standards and precision
  • Efficiency creates competitive advantage and profit


  • Reduce silos of disconnected data
  • Eliminate repetitive and manual data re-entry
  • Improve accuracy and usability of existing data
  • Leverage design assets you’re already invested in








Closing the Gap

With the product data platform, accountability exists in all departments because the data is visible, traceable and accessible from anywhere.

PROCESS - Standardization & Automation

Bill of Materials

Eliminate costly errors. Manage, visualize, and share up-to-date BOM information across the organization in real-time.

New Product Introduction

Take control of change. Get visibility of the details you need to understand and approve (ECR’s) and (ECO’s).

Quality Management

Create a closed loop process for quality. Integrate quality processes (Inspection, CAPA, RMA) into your overall change process to respond faster to quality issues.

Change Management

Avoid costly launch delays. Use stage gate (NPI) tools to help you get your latest product innovations to market on time and on budget.

    Supplier Collaboration

    Gain insight into product decisions that impact cost. Make better decisions about your product design.

    Cost Management

    Stay connected to your supply chain with anytime, anywhere access to information needed for quoting, procurement, and supplier management.











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