D3 Foundation Packs

Foundation Packs


Foundation Packs are D3’s packaged services that jump-start your return on investment by incorporating proven workflows & recognized best practices into your organization. The Packs are a practical way for companies to tackle common challenges. We have taken years of experience and built best practice workflows into Fusion Lifecycle, a solution that connects and organizes people, processes, and information improving how companies create, build, support and evolve products and services.

We use a well-defined, practiced methodology of:

Various Foundation Packs  and Special Purpose Options are available and tailored to  meet your specific needs.

Foundation Packs

Product Management

  • Product Families
  • Product Lines
  • Products
  • New Product Development
  • New Product Introduction

Item and Change Management

  • Items and Bill of Materials
  • Change Requests
  • Change Orders

Project Execution Management

  • Projects
  • Project Area
  • Project Unit


Quality Management

  • Problem Report
  • Corrective and Preventative Actions








Special Purpose Options:


Revision controlled Workspace or documents, specifications, etc.



Fusion Lifecycle and Vault Integration







D3’s well-planned process is straightforward and attainable.

Step 1 - identify the biggest bottlenecks

Step 2 - understand current workflows

Step 3 - determine the data and how it moves through the process

Step 4 - leverage Foundation Packs as a best practice starting point

Step 5 - use an agile methodology to implement in smaller phases

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