Autodesk Fusion Team: Collaboration for Product Design & Manufacturing

Collaborate in the cloud with your team, from anywhere with Autodesk Fusion Team

Autodesk Fusion Team is a collaboration tool for design teams, including engineers, product designers, and their supply chains and stakeholders. It connects everyone in one central workspace to view, find, share, and review project designs and files together.

Fusion Team is a cloud-based solution, so it works right within a web browser or mobile device. Our customers can store and access project data from anywhere or share files with anyone. With a single click, they can view 2D and 3D models and share them with colleagues and customers, who can review, mark up, and comment on projects without downloading software or installing plugins.

Fusion Team transforms the way teams work together by enabling them to:

  • Find the most up-to-date versions of documents and files easily
  • Communicate and make decisions faster and more efficiently
  • Share and review models instantly, from any device
  • Centralize access to all data for the entire team

And they can do all of the above in one place -- accessible via web and mobile. That's why every customer design project should start with Fusion Team.

Autodesk Fusion Team on different platforms, desktop, mobile, and tablet

​​​How can Fusion Team work with Autodesk software?

​Autodesk Fusion Team is integrated with many Autodesk solutions and supports more than 100 file formats. Not only can you view file formats such as Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk Revit, but you can also view 3rd party file formats such as Catia® and SOLIDWORKS® files. With support for over 65 CAD formats (View full list), you can view, find, share and review your designs with your team without installing software of plugins. Simply upload your file and create a link to instantly share by email, chat or even embed into a site. Permission features let you control file access, downloading and duration.

Fusion Team offers a simple user experience making the information accessibly to everyone from the desktop and any mobile device. Because not everyone on the project has access to design tools, Fusion Team lets your team members view and simultaneously review, comment, and iterate on designs on the web. You'll always be working off the right file version to ensure everyone on your team - onsite and in the office - has access to the correct files, project data and designs.

Search and viewing are also an integral part of the Fusion Team experience. Fusion Team indexes all information enabling the entire project team to search, filter, and find the information they need quickly. When viewing a model, you can quickly locate and isolate exactly what you're looking for.

Customers, contractors, field workers, and others in the supply and service chain can see the latest designs in 3D high resolution quality. Autodesk Fusion Team supports the whole project lifecycle, not just design.

Autodesk Fusion Team assembly overview

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