Autodesk Vault for Managing Design Data & Documentation

Autodesk Vault helps design and engineering workgroups manage and track their Digital Prototyping information so they can release and revise designs more efficiently. Vault is included the Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Industry Collection.

Want to see Autodesk Vault in action? Check out our Vault Video Library of short videos. 

Part of the Autodesk Product Design Industry Collection of industry-specific software tools, Autodesk Vault data management software helps you keep track of all your digital design data and documentation. It securely stores and manages data in a central location, helping teams quickly create, share, and reuse digital prototyping information. With Autodesk Vault Workgroup, Autodesk Vault Professional, and Autodesk Vault Office software, you‘ll spend less time chasing down files and more time creating innovative designs.

Autodesk Vault for Managing Design Data & Documentation

Connect your teams

Enhance team productivity with support for team-based design. Work closely with others on projects without putting design data at risk. Multiuser functionality lets you control access to design data so your entire workgroup – from managers to engineers and designers – can participate in the design process. Track and manage all data related to each digital prototype in one secure, central location. And because the Autodesk Vault product family integrates with Autodesk® design applications, it‘s easier and faster than ever to manage accurate data from concept through manufacturing.

Improve productivity

Develop products faster with tools that help you reuse data and minimize rework. Instead of starting a complex model or drawing set from scratch, use a similar digital prototype as a starting point for a new design. Saved searches and shortcuts speed up data search, while productivity tools enable you to manipulate design files without breaking application-specific links. And with data organization tools, you can control indexing and access across file types – so you can improve data sharing and searching based on property sets.

Control revisions

Making changes doesn‘t have to interrupt your workflow – you can control design iterations from within your design application. Capture the entire history of design concepts so you can push the boundaries of your work, or revert to older revisions if needed. Secure, release, and track data revisions – granting team members access to only the correct revisions of the files. With Autodesk Vault Workgroup, Autodesk Vault Professional, and Autodesk Vault Office, you maintain control over the digital prototype as it moves through the design and production process.

Data management capabilities

Accelerate development cycles and optimize your investment in design data with features that help you organize, manage, and track key design and release management processes. An enhanced set of features facilitates:

  • Data management for workgroups
  • Data search and reuse
  • Administration and configuration
  • Revision control

Autodesk Vault for Managing Design Data & Documentation

Want to see more? Check out our Vault Video Library of short videos. 

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