Drawing Approval Automation tools set

Are you frustrated with your engineering drawing Check & Approval process?

With D3’s innovative technology, you can automate your drawing approval process while reinforcing CAD and ISO standards. Experience time savings through error reductions and improved communication, issues often seen with manual processes.

Example Workflow:

Check & Approval Process Automation

  • Works with Autodesk’s AutoCAD, Inventor, Plant, and Vault Data management solutions.
  • Generate DWF and optional PDF outputs.

How will it help you?

D3 supports clients that are interested in automating their aging manual check and approval processes. These manual processes are time-consuming, error-prone and costly. With D3’s solution, you can also improve team communications, especially with large workgroups and supporting departments. We’ve helped customers reduce cost by $100k in a single job and reduced the approval time down by 30%.

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We can also handle the complex logic that lets you automate other game-changing tasks like...

-Document lifecycle changes
-Prevent lifecycle transitions when property values don’t sync
-Act on check-in/check-out operations


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