Vault Managed Services & Support

Close the Gap Between CAD & IT with D3's Managed Services

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Founded by those who worked in the industry, we understand that engineering data is critical to any manufacturing operation. D3's team of experts with diverse experience in managing CAD and Vault environments focus on supporting companies with their data management requirements since 2003.

Vault Managed Services & Support Plan

In addition to CAD Support, D3 offers professional Vault Managed Services & Support to reduce engineering downtime, data loss and maintain optimal performance of mission critical engineering project data.

What's Included:

  • Data Management Support
  • Vault Server Upgrade to New Release
  • Preventative Maintenance*
    • Vault Client - Audit of system logs related to Vault, SQL, IIS, iFilters, Http
    • Vault Server - Vault diagnostics to uncover performance risk and system health
    • Vault Database - Database defragmentation and optimization
    • System Logs - Series of reports to identify various issues that reduce productivity
    • Disaster Recovery - Verify backup plan and activities to support and disaster recovery plan
  • Vault Server Support
  • Vault End-User Support

D3's dedicated support staff can be accessed in the following ways anytime from 7 AM - 7 PM CT, Monday - Friday: