AURA - Saving Lives Through Collaboration


AURA project is creating accessible, low-cost ventilators to provide for the growing number of patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Identifying The Problem

Given the shortages of medical equipment and potential disruptions in materials and supply chain, we are faced with a challenge of providing enough ventilators to meet the increasing demand, AURA devised a solution.

"The AURA project was created in response to a ventilator shortage due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The team determined that a structured PLM tool was needed to facilitate product development. D3 Technologies committed to support the project and was able to build out Autodesk’s Fusion Lifecycle on an extremely aggressive schedule. With D3’s exceptionally professional and expert support, the AURA project was able to build a functional PLM system that meets the project’s critical needs." — AURA

AURA's Solution

Through the power of Autodesk's software and the consultative efforts with D3 Technologies, utilizing D3’s Foundation Packs and support, AURA was able to design and engineer a ventilator using modular and 3D printed components. Foundation Packs are a structured set of PLM workspaces that limit risk but are still functional. Fusion Lifecycle is a cloud-based PLM solution that allows teams to collaborate from anywhere, which was key during the pandemic. In addition to managing the developmental process, the tools leveraged using Fusion Lifecycle are helping propel the team to FDA certification and other quality certifications. With a solid approach for implementing supporting technology, this innovative modular product design would allow for the use of substitute or alternative parts should one become unavailable or exhausted. With this manufacturing strategy, AURA would be able to overcome any potential disruptions within the supply chain and bring low-cost ventilators to market quickly.

“D3’s Foundation Packs are critical for clients who need to introduce real-time workflow solutions to their teams while controlling risks by streamlining the process.  Compared to similar tools, D3’s Foundation Packs reduce the amount of time needed to implement allowing for faster ROI recognition" – Daryl Price, Enterprise Solution

The Result

Because of the innovative team at AURA, they will be able to provide hospitals and facilities with their answer to the equipment shortage; low-cost modular ventilators with interchangeable parts and 3D printed components. From designing to engineering, AURA made their solution a reality by leveraging Autodesk’s powerful tools; Fusion 360, Fusion Lifecycle, and Bommer–all software that is integral to the engineering as well as the automation of the bill of materials, which D3 Technologies was able to help implement, train, and support.