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HSM Express for Inventor

Download Link:  cam.autodesk.com/hsm

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Create advanced toolpaths to machine your Inventor models using 2-axis and 2.5-axis milling operations. Inventor HSM Express software works with all configurations of Inventor software, including Inventor LT, and is built on the same CAM kernel as HSMWorks, providing best-in-class performance and professional quality finished parts. Need more than 2.5-Axis? Try 3 or 5-Axis for 30-days!


Download Link:  www.hsmworks.com/download

Price: FREE (never times out!)

Autodesk HSMXpress software is a 2.5-axis CAM plugin designed to work seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS. The software includes:

  • Toolpaths for standard milling operations, including 2D roughing and pocketing, drilling, facing, and contouring
  • Simulation capabilities for forward and reverse material removal
  • Customizable JavaScript-based Post Processor System with industry standard posts included
  • Powerful CNC program editor with file compare, block numbering, text editing and remove comments.

Best of all? It's free. Register now for your free download and start transforming your designs into high-quality finished parts. Need more than 2.5-Axis? Try 3 or 5-Axis for 30-days!

Autodesk HSM CAM Adaptive Clearing Technology is the "Secret Sauce" to Efficient Machining.

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