D3 Recognized as Autodesk Top 10 Loyalty Reseller

July 15, 2006

Springfield, MO - July 15, 2006 - D3 TECHNOLOGIES is proud to announce they have been recognized by the fifth largest software company in the world, Autodesk, Inc., as one of the Top 10 Loyalty Resellers in the nation. Autodesk, Inc. is the world’s leading software and services company for the building, manufacturing, infrastructure, digital media and wireless data services fields. 

As a Loyalty Reseller, D3 has proved they go above and beyond to provide their clients with superior customer service. The Loyalty scores are based on scores given in a survey directly from D3 customers and clients, administered by Autodesk. Questions in the survey cover areas of customer service and support to the willingness of a customer to stay in business with its current provider. 

Customer loyalty is an extremely large factor in the highly competitive manufacturing software industry, to be given such a high recognition by customers proves that D3 is among the nation’s leading Autodesk resellers. “Our customers, the true partners we have that we serve, have spoken loud and clear that they believe in us and appreciate what we are doing for them, “ stated D3 TECHNOLOGIES President, Kevin Schlack. “This recognition shows how we truly have an impact on the manufacturing community and the lives of individuals that we work with every day.” 

With more than 100 Autodesk channel partners nationwide, being recognized as a Top 10 Loyalty Reseller proves D3 belongs among the top ranks of software resellers in the industry. D3 continues to prove their commitment to the customer and their needs and will continue to gain respect as a manufacturing software provider within the industry. 

About D3
Founded in 1998, D3 TECHNOLOGIES is a mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD) consulting firm with offices located in Springfield, MO, Kansas City, MO, Tulsa, OK, and Little Rock, AR. D3 focuses on 3D design, product data management/product lifecycle management (PDM/PLM), engineer-to-order (ETO), and configure-toorder (CTO) technology.

About Autodesk
Autodesk, Inc. is a leading design software and digital content company, founded in 1982 and based in San Rafael, California. Autodesk was the first to revolutionize the software industry with its introduction of AutoCAD software. The popularity of AutoCAD forged the company into a commitment for practical innovation that drives productivity and profitability. Along with AutoCAD software, Autodesk leads the industry in technology for building, infrastructure, manufacturing, media and entertainnment, and wireless data. For more information, please visit www.autodesk.com

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