D3 Embraces CAM, Launches Prototyping Solutions Division

February 25, 2014

Springfield, MO - February 25, 2014 - D3 Technologies, one of the leading providers of Autodesk Manufacturing Solutions, today announced that it has recently acquired the assets of a local machine shop which included two CNC Lathes and two CNC Mills. Their plan is to add this equipment to their existing 3D Printing and 3D Scanning capabilities to form D3’s Prototyping Solutions Division. Along with this acquisition, D3 has hired a 21-year veteran machinist & CNC programmer, Dane Wilgus, to oversee the operation, as well as, two other CNC Operators/Programmers.

“Adding CNC machining capabilities fits perfectly into the direction we are going to best support our clients,” said Kevin Schlack, President of D3. “During the validation phase of the design process, many of our customers have the need for physical prototypes to be machined to check fit, form, and function. Not only will we now be able to provide those physical prototypes, but we will be using Autodesk’s Integrated CAM Solutions to create all the G-Code to make it happen.” 

Kevin further stated, “Along with the acquisition of two CAM companies, Autodesk has made it clear that they have every intention of revolutionizing the CAM industry by integrating their solutions directly within the design tools giving machinists, engineers, and designers the ability to adapt to real-time changes and instantly update tool paths. So naturally, as the leader in Autodesk Manufacturing Solutions, D3 will be the leader in providing their CAM solutions, as well.”

About D3

Founded in 1998 by manufacturing engineering & design professionals, D3 Technologies is a trusted advisor to manufacturers helping them be more innovative while shortening lead times by leveraging the latest in engineering & design technologies. With multiple offices and Autodesk Training Centers located across the central U.S., D3 is a one of the largest and most accomplished Autodesk Manufacturing Partners in North America. Utilizing Lean Engineering methodologies, D3 helps maximize the throughput of engineering through the optimization of people, processes, and technologies.

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