LifeForm Studio

What is Lifeform Studio?

Lifeform Studio, located in Leawood, Kansas, merges 3D photography and 3D printing to create life-like reproductions of people that they call lifeforms. Lifeform captures and recreates grandkids, grandparents, dancers, uniformed athletes, uniformed soldiers, brides, grooms, pets, and more. They also provide general 3D printing services for architecture, engineering, prototyping, etc.

What Tools Do They Use?

Lifeform Studio uses a number of tools to realistically reconstruct and edit their 3D models before 3D printing. This includes Autodesk Mudbox, Blender, Photoshop and custombuilt software to interface with our camera array

As far as hardware goes, they recently purchased a 3D Systems 660 Pro from D3 Technologies. Mason Menninger, Founder of Lifeform Studio, stated in a recent interview, “Our 3D printer is at the core of our business. Without it, we simply don’t have a product.”

Lifeform Studio life-like reproductions

Each lifeform is printed in fine layers on the surface of a powder similar to gypsum plaster. The binder that holds the layers together is also what give the lifeforms their color. After they are excavated from the 3D printer bed, the lifeforms are submerged in a substance that adds to its strength and brings out the full range of colors.

We have a full gallery of examples of our 3D printed lifeforms. Every day people come in and are astonished by what can be created with a 3D printer today. People are very picky about what a fellow person should look like - so our standards are very high. We are definitely able to meet those standards with our in-house 3D printer.



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