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November 15, 2018

Think Generative Design Is Overhyped?

It is my view that generative design is the most exciting development the manufacturing industry has seen in the past 20-plus years. If that sounds like an overstatement—or you’re unsure about generative design altogether — let me share some examples that might open your mind a bit.

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Autodesk and PLM: Waiting for the “Ketchup Bottle Effect"

Technologies are advancing rapidly, becoming more and more able to handle complex product information, technology and manufacturing within the framework of well-organized workflows, and collaboration is of utmost importance for those who want to be competitive.

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Fusion Jumpstart Guide

Unlock your Fusion 360 potential. We invite you to access D3's Fusion Jumpstart Online Guide to help you get started on your Fusion journey.

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Fusion Hours

December 7th - Bring your Fusion 360 questions, be ready to talk! This is your chance to have open discussion with our Fusion 360 experts.  

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WEBINAR: What's New in Inventor 2019

On Demand - Join our webinar to discover how Autodesk Inventor 2019 will now deliver user requested enhancements and continue to provide the professional grade 3D mechanical design and engineering tools you rely on. 

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AutoCAD for Electrical (ACE-001)

December 3rd - This course covers object creation, layers, blocks and editing commands. Users with extensive prior experience drawing in AutoCAD will not require this class.   

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Revit Structure Essentials (RVT-101)

December 6th - This course will help you to develop your skills creating structural grids, model walls, slabs, footings, piers & pilasters, and create structural skeleton of the building using structural framing commands.   

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eBook: Inspection Best Practices 

Is 3D Scanning Right for Your Inspection Needs? This eBook will help you determine if 3D scanning is right for your needs, and if it is, how best to go about implementing the technology in your business.

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Exclusive Presentation: Delivering Efficiencies in Certified 3D Printed Aerospace Parts 

In the aerospace industry, the slightest design improvement can have a staggering impact on the efficiency of flight, which is why aerospace manufacturers dedicate tremendous time and talent to advanced engineering. 

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On-demand Webinar: Using 3D Printing for Welding Fixtures

In this installment of the tooling and fixturing webinar series we'll share how 3D printed welding fixtures can alleviate many of these problems with quick-turnaround custom fixturing to save cost and time in your production environment

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It's no SOLIDWORKS, that's for sure!

As the words floated through the air and struck my eardrums, I dropped everything.  That was, in fact, false.  I regularly use Fusion 360 to generate STL files for my 3D Printer at home, and the process is so easy it....

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Training Plans

Evolve360 provides optimum value giving your employees full access to our instructor-led training. The set annual fee allows you to budget for the training needs of your entire team.

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Technical Support

Overcome your design challenges by leveraging D3's support. Our Application Engineers have real world experience and have a 96.2% approval rating. 71% cases are closed within 8 hours.

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Engineering Services

Leverage our years of experience coupled with our unparalleled track record of creating innovative and timely solutions for our clients. 

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Save 10% on Autodesk Products

When you subscribe for 3 years save 10%. Get the power of an Industry Collection that gives you access to the most essential Autodesk software and services in one package – simply, conveniently, and at an attractive price.

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Get 25% off of Vault Pro & CFD Premium

New subscriptions or those switching to subscription can save up to 25% on the Autodesk Suggested Retail Price for a new, one-year subscription to select Autodesk software solutions for design & manufacturing.

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Only 3 Like New 3D Printers Left for Sale

D3 is selling 3 different 3D printers at huge discounts. These printers are in "like new" condition and only very slightly used.

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