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Product Lifecycle Management to Grow Your Bottom Line.
Regardless of what you manufacture, how you move your product through the product lifecycle can determine your competitive advantage, drive efficiency and reduce your overhead. It's a challenge that's plagued companies for years.
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Five Trends for the Future of Manufacturing

Manufacturing is a hot topic again, undergoing the industry’s greatest change in more than 100 years. Domestic jobs have evaporated from many countries with globalization, offshoring may be reverting to near shoring and automation threatens to replace more workers every day.
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3D Printing to Revolutionize How Marine Corps Fight

The people closest to the problem are also the people closest to the solution," Capt. Chris Wood, co-lead for Additive Manufacturing with the US Marine Corps, told Engadget. Of the hundreds of submissions, only a handful managed to make the final cut and etner prototype development...
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