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Apr 18, 2018



D3 Acquires CAD Business from JVH Engineering

We hope by now you have received the communication from JVH Engineering announcing that their Autodesk business division will now operate as a JVH CAD Solutions, a division of D3 Technologies.

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Big News for AutoCAD 2019

As of March 27th, now when you subscribe to AutoCAD you get access to specialized toolsets, an all-new web app, and time-savers like the DWG Compare feature. For a limited time, can save 25% when you trade in old licenses with the option to switch back.

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WEBINAR: What's New in Inventor 2019

April 10th @ 12:00 PM CDT - Discover how Autodesk Inventor 2019 will now deliver user requested enhancements and continue to provide the professional grade 3D mechanical design and engineering tools you rely on.

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WEBINAR: Autodesk CFD Quickstart

April 24th @ 12:00 PM CDT - This webinar will focus on the process to leverage existing 3D CAD geometry to perform computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations to better understand flow and thermal product performance.

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Autodesk Inventor FEA

This course will cover the fundamental methods of using Autodesk Inventor Professional for Finite Element Analysis. Learn to analyze simple parts and complex assemblies through pre-processing and post-processing procedures. This course will be a mix of hands on labs and lecture.

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AutoCAD Plant 3D

Focus on your design with industry specifications, leverage existing designs & content, and generate & share isometrics, orthographics, and other construction documents. Learn about design review, visualization, and error identifications as well as setting up and administrating a plant project.

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3D Printing for Welding Fixtures

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR - Learn how 3D printed welding fixtures can alleviate many of these problems with quick-turnaround custom fixturing to save cost and time in your production environment.

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Designing High Strength Workholding with Composite 3D Printing

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR - Learn how the Continuous Filament Fabrication (CFF) process works to create durable plastic parts, why 3D printed parts are more cost-effective than traditionally manufactured parts, and how to efficiently design and reinforce composite 3D printed workholding for use in manufacturing.

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Organic Design in Geomagic Freeform

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR - In just 20 minutes, learn how you can use the Geomagic Freeform toolset to sculpt, detail and deform virtual clay models into any form you desire, enabling you to break through the limitations of traditional CAD design and bring your visions to reality

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Why Would ANYONE Want a Process That Simple?!

The design and review process has become insanely simple with Fusion 360 and Fusion Team. I didn't even realize it until I ran into a situation where it saved me a ton of time.

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Fusion 360 2018 Roadmap Update

If you're thinking it's been a while since you heard anything about new stuff in Fusion, well that's because Autodesk has been hard at work on actually building the updates!

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Training Plans

Evolve360 provides optimum value giving your employees full access to our instructor-led training. Your team has the flexibility to take any courses as often as needed. The set annual fee allows you to budget for the training needs of your entire team.

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Technical Support

Overcome your design challenges by leveraging D3's CAD, CAM and Data Management support. Our Application Engineers have real world experience and have a 96.2% approval rating. 71% cases are closed within 8 hours.

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Engineering Services

Leverage our years of experience coupled with our unparalleled track record of creating innovative and timely solutions for our clients. We can work with your team to address engineering challenges and enhance profitability for your clients.

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Trade in Your Autodesk Perpetual License & Save 25% on New Subscriptions (You Can Switch Back!)

Save 25%* when you trade in your old Autodesk licenses and trade up to industry collections! Get access to the essential Autodesk software in one package — simply, conveniently, and at an attractive price. Offer good until April 20, 2018.

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HUGE Discount On Like-New 3D Printers

D3 is selling 5 different 3D printers at huge discounts. These printers are in "like new" condition and only very slightly used.

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