D3 Animation Services

"We can take any idea or concept and bring it to life with animation."

When you say the word animation, instantly, thoughts of box office hits such as Shrek™, Cars™, and Toy Story™ come to mind. Characters such as Woody™, and Buzz Lightyear™ are household names for kids and adults who grew up watching those movies.

D3 Technologies' Animation Studio is based out of Lafayette, LA, and is creating animations for a much different customer and audience. Located in the heart of the Energy sector on the Gulf Coast, they have capitalized on helping Oil & Gas companies create compelling 3D animations to showcase how their tools and equipment will operate, look and perform. Animations are very much the norm and used all across the United States at manufacturing trade shows.

"We give our clients the power of storytelling through animation," says Zed LaCour, Solution Executive at D3. "We can take any idea or concept and bring it to life with animation. With our background and years of experience, there's no limit to what we can do, from technical animations, to architecture, even producing Hollywood quality animations and video games, which our team has worked on in the past."

D3 employees have been involved with recognizable projects such as the EA Sports™ Tiger Woods PGA Tour video game, the Superman™ Returns video game, and movies such as the Harry Potter™ franchise and Secretariat.

Animation has never been easier to produce for your company. Contact D3 today to find out how you can sit in the director's chair.

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