D3 Connect

D3 CONNECT integrates Autodesk Vault Professional and Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle bridging the gap between Engineering and the rest of your organization. 

The results are dramatically improving outcomes by increasing operational efficiencies and communication.

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Manufacturers of all kinds have three things in common

(1) Keeping their items and BOM’s in sync
(2) Managing change across the enterprise
(3) Connecting your Engineering Data to your Product Data

Let’s face it, the design and development process generates a tremendous amount of data. Unless that data is properly managed, it’s almost impossible to know which is the most current version.

D3 Connect is the tool you need to not only manage your data properly but also ...

  • Connect your Engineering data to your Product data
  • Control your Product and Engineering lifecycles together, seamlessly and easily
  • Bridge the gap between Engineering and the rest of your organization
  • Synchronize Items & BOMs (CAD File BOM to MFG BOM)
  • Manage change across the entire enterprise
  • Gain enterprise Accessibility for any Department or individual

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If you are ready to seamlessly connect Autodesk Vault Professional and Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle using D3 CONNECT, fill out the form below and we will be in touch shortly. 


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