Expert high-speed 3- and 5-axis machining software for manufacturing

Features in PowerMill® enable easier 3- and 5-axis programming, simulation, and verification, so manufacturers can get more from their subtractive, additive, and hybrid machines. Our expert CAM software just got a whole lot faster. PowerMill offers significantly faster toolpath calculation, quicker simulation and verification, multi-threaded leads and links, uphill corner fi nishing, a new model fi lleting option and more

Create precision complex parts with advanced CNC programming

PowerMill® 5-axis CAM software provides expert CNC programming strategies for complex 3- and 5-axis subtractive, high-rate additive, and hybrid manufacturing.

Solve complex problems with dedicated CNC strategies

Access a vast library of strategies. Reduce programming times with rapid toolpath calculation.

  • Shorten machining times with high-efficiency 3- and 5-axis NC code.
  • Improve control with advanced toolpath editing.
  • Automate programming with customizable templates and macros.

Maximize CNC machine efficiency and part quality

  • Automatically avoid collisions and gouges.
  • Simulate, verify, and optimize motion of CNC machines and industrial robots.
  • Improve productivity with lights-out machining.
  • Minimize the need for manual polishing.

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