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The Future of Manufacturing Enables Exceptional Innovation in Product Design and Development

The manufacturing industry is facing external pressures that are changing the way we make, how we make it, who makes it, and who we are making it for. To deal with this fast-moving environment, smart and forward-looking companies are adopting new product design and development strategies to connect, evolve and transform to stay competitive. – and the technology to make them successful is here today.

Regardless of your role or industry, you can explore, communicate, refine, and implement ideas in ways that streamline every step of the product development process, from start to finish.

Trends impacting product design & manufacturing:

  • Changing consumer demands – Consumers’ rising power and unmet needs around personalization, customization, and co-creation are causing niche markets to proliferate.
  • Means of production – Technologies such as additive manufacturing are making it possible to cost-effectively manufacture products more quickly at the point of demand, in smaller batches.
  • Nature of products – Products are increasingly interconnected and intelligent, creating opportunities to extend product value with connected services.

Product design and innovation technology enables you to:

  • Create sketches and 3D concept models for use by Engineering.
  • Drive innovation with a single, accurate 3D digital model to use at every phase of new product development.
  • Rapidly refine ideas via combined parametric, freeform, and direct editing tools and speed designs into production.
  • Design, visualize, and simulate products before releasing them to Manufacturing.
  • Solicit and incorporate feedback on manufacturability early in the design process.
  • Lower costs and speed cycle times—do more in-house using built-in, robust functionality.
  • Automate calculations and resolve complex geometry so you can focus on mechanical design rather than error resolution.
  • Accurately capture and share ideas with others for input and collaboration with cloud based product lifecycle management.

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