We Are One Of The Top 10 3D Printing Consulting/Services Companies of 2020

"We are witnessing a massive drive towards automation, especially in the manufacturing sector,” states Kevin Schlack, the Founder, and President of D3 Technologies. The ‘why’ is evident in how automation is bringing massive advancements to the manufacturing industry where enterprises are pulling out all the stops to actualize push-button manufacturing, 3D printing (additive manufacturing) is emerging as an integral part of their business operations. Today, additive manufacturing is turning into an indispensable need for enterprises as it adds value to the design of engineering components. Having identified this need in the market, Missouri-based D3 Technologies created the engineering and design solutions to help manufacturing companies improve their go-to market time. By leveraging best-in-class engineering, design, process automation, and data management technologies, the firm accelerates productivity and increases revenue of its clients. Unlike other 3D printing companies, they help the customer through the entire 3D printing process, from designing to post-processing. They have a skilled technical and consultant team that can offer insight into the best 3D printing approach. With over five 3D printing technologies under their belt, D3 Technologies offers one of the most comprehensive solutions to the additive manufacturing needs of the industry.

3D printing can assist teams of engineers and designers in accomplishing a myriad of goals, and get products to the market faster. From inception to design to manufacturing, developing new products requires modernized solutions, and 3D printing is meeting those demands. Whether using 3D printing for early concept models or manufacturing to spare parts, 3D printing can be successfully utilized across the entire product development life cycle.

“As a world-class integrator of engineering and design technologies for manufacturing companies, we work with customers from concept to completion,” says Schlack. As one of the largest dedicated Autodesk manufacturing partner and the leaders in Fusion 360, D3 Technologies provides CAD training, mentoring CAD support, professional services, engineering technologies, and prototyping solutions. When it comes to manufacturing design, the firm renders the best combination of engineering and design solutions—CAD, Visualization, and Simulation—to help clients design 3D models, virtually explore products without the need for resource-eating physical prototypes, and simulate their ideas before manufacturing.

Data being an integral part of designing and manufacturing, D3 Technologies pays special attention to streamlining customers’ workflows within their enterprise’s ecosystem. The firm leverages its technical expertise and longstanding experience in the industry to develop data management solution that organizes clients’ design data, manages their documentation, and tracks development processes. The solution for product lifecycle management manages enterprises’ business processes and ensures that the right information is delivered to the right person at the right time. The company automates the design process, enabling the engineering team to focus more on their core operations.

Furthermore, D3 Technologies bridges the gap between digital and physical elements involved in design and manufacturing through its additive manufacturing, reverse engineering, and parts cutting technologies. The firm’s solution for 3D scanning allows incorporation of real-world objects into CAD as a seamless part of the clients’ engineering workflow and their 3D printing tool helps in testing and optimizing their design quickly and inexpensively. By merging in highspeed CAM technologies with CAD, the company integrates design to manufacturing, enabling fast and easy production of physical prototypes.D3 Technologies’ solution portfolio includes Autodesk Fusion 360 software and other engineering services that facilitate the journey from conception to completion.

With a core focus on our customer’s success, D3 Technologies adopts a consultative approach, dubbed “Lean Engineering,” so as to maximize the throughput of engineering. By adopting this continuous improvement process, the firm increases the efficiency of clients’ engineering departments and makes them competitive in their marketplace. With a goal of increasing engineering data integrity and accessibility, D3 Technologies focuses on objective assessment of the value and performance of engineering assets in 5-key areas—Leadership, People, Processes, Technology, and Data. This Lean Engineering Maturity™ Model helps the firm identify the areas of inefficiencies and opportunities to add value to clients’ engineering assets. “With that, we are able to determine the best ways for our clients to run their business and manage their engineering and design workflows, leading them to draw a solid road map to success by achieving engineering efficiency,” adds Schlack.

Envisioning the future, D3 Technologies is evaluating the various possibilities to incorporate more technologies that can create a significant impact in 3D printing, 3D scanning, and additive manufacturing. “We are also rolling out plans to double our growth rate over the next four years,” concludes Schlack.


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