D3 Releases Web UI Library for Autodesk Configurator 360 as Open Source

July 5, 2016

SPRINGFIELD, Missouri — July 5, 2016 — Breaking away from the industry standard of proprietary technologies and intellectual property, D3 Technologies moved this week to release their Angular-C360 library for Autodesk Configurator 360 (C360) as open source. D3 believes the transition to open source will help drive innovation in software-focused engineering automation. Using D3's Angular-C360 library, companies will have shorter development time and less overhead in creating web user interfaces for C360, allowing more time to be focused on company-specific configuration models and logic.

C360 is a cloud-based solution that enables you to provide engineers, sales reps, and end customers with web and mobile access to a 3D configuration of your products. You can embed C360 designs into your own web page as part of a rich web experience that is possible due to technologies such as AngularJS. AngularJS, maintained and used by Google, is a structural framework for dynamic web apps. The Angular-C360 library builds on top of AngularJS to simplify the development of web pages that embed C360, making it easy to create fast, beautiful web interfaces to configure models and assemblies. The combination of Angular-C360 and the AngularJS framework's 2-way data-binding functionality allows developers to easily create user interfaces that bind to a C360 model and are automatically updated as the model changes.

The Angular-C360 library open source code is available through GitHub. Developers can use the sample project on GitHub at https://github.com/D3Automation/angular-c360-sample to explore the Angular-C360 library features and functions.

About D3:
D3 Technologies is an engineering and design technology consulting company focused on discovering and overcoming manufacturing inefficiencies and helping companies develop and maintain Lean Engineering processes. Known for their contributions with the Autodesk design automation technologies, D3 helps clients reach their goals by enabling them to leverage technologies that make possibilities a reality.

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