We Are Now Offering PowerMill and FeatureCAM Training Courses

March 10, 2020

SPRINGFIELD, MO – March 10th, 2020 – D3 Technologies, a Platinum-level Autodesk partner, will begin hosting training courses for Autodesk PowerMill and FeatureCAM software. Advanced manufacturing software is becoming a larger part of the manufacturing industry, and these tools cover a wide variety of advanced manufacturing solutions. D3 will be one of the first to offer classes over these innovative tools from Autodesk.

PowerMill makes 3- and 5-axis programming, simulation, and verification easier with a user-friendly interface. Companies can use this technology to accelerate their toolpath calculations and roughing.

FeatureCAM works in tandem with PowerMill to provide decreased programming and increased productivity with its special automation software.

D3 Technologies new training classes will enable companies to learn more about these technologies and expand their capabilities to be even more efficient, leading to shorter machining times and more efficient processing. D3’s selection of knowledgeable advanced manufacturing experts create an environment for learning and development with hands-on application.

Paul Kessler, (Advanced Manufacturing Implementation Consultant) states, “I love PowerMill and showing it to customers. They are amazed at what they can accomplish with it and how fast it computes toolpaths. It allows them to try different fields to see what they get in the way of a toolpath, gouge, and collision checks! They can easily see if the cut is the way they wanted. That is just part of the beauty of PowerMill.”

Furthermore, D3's ability to support ongoing education with their exclusive CAD L.I.V.E ™ Training is something we are excited to offer. With this state-of-the-art virtual training platform, D3 can provide CAM training anywhere, reducing the cost students have come to anticipate with the travel and inconvenience of other training options.

D3 will be offering these new training courses for PowerMill starting March 10th and FeatureCAM starting April 2nd. D3 also offers a wide range of other training courses for companies and hobbyists on many different Autodesk solutions.

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