D3 Technologies announced an exclusive, strategic business partnership with The Madison Group

August 19th 2019

Springfield, MO - D3 Technologies, a Platinum-level Autodesk partner, dedicated entirely to manufacturing solutions, announced an exclusive, strategic business partnership that combines D3's unrivaled manufacturing expertise and passion with The Madison Group's best-in-class consulting, technical expertise, and innovative technology in the plastics industry.

Under the agreement, D3 and The Madison Group will jointly serve OEMs and manufacturers of all sizes with a comprehensive range of services and support for Advanced Manufacturing practices. The partnership will offer assistance in accelerating technology adoption, continuing education, product development, and mold design and construction.  

The Madison Group is a global leader in plastics technology and unmatched in bringing innovation to the industry. With multiple PhDs on staff, their ability to analyze and optimize plastic parts and processes are unparalleled. With services like Failure Analysis, Material Evaluation, Design Evaluation, and Moldflow Analysis, they find economical solutions that help drive product development to yield higher quality parts for clients.

“Combined, we have a unique vantage point from which to identify and provide the most advanced solutions for our clients. We chose a partner who provides best-in-class technology but also shares our deep commitment to ensuring mutual clients have access to the most powerful, efficient, and effective solutions. Together we can meet the challenges of today's complex manufacturing environment, and ensure their products perform as expected when entering the field." - Erik Foltz, Senior Managing Engineer from The Madison Group

D3 Technologies partners with manufacturers to help them leverage the latest in engineering technologies and execute business process initiatives, to help them design products better, build them more effectively, and bring them to market faster. As an accomplished Autodesk Manufacturing Partner in North America, D3 focuses on 3D design and manufacturing technology, product data management/product lifecycle management (PDM/PLM), engineer-to-order (ETO), configure-to-order (CTO) solutions and ERP solutions.

"Helping our clients achieve their objectives is our core focus, and we continue to build out our suite of products and partnerships to support that mission. We are honored to partner with The Madison Group. They are a respected and innovative company that is well known for their expertise in Advanced Materials Analysis. Together we look forward to delivering significant value to our clients." – Mark Lackovic, VP of Sales for D3 Technologies

D3 Technologies’ ability to support the entire product design process (Design, Make, Use) combined with The Madison Group's ability to analyze and optimize plastic parts, material selection and manufacturing processes will enable a holistic level of support for clients, that will yield optimal results throughout the product lifecycle.

About D3 Technologies

D3 Technologies is an Autodesk Platinum-level partner, dedicated to Autodesk manufacturing solutions in North America; including being a valued integrator of Autodesk manufacturing and plant solutions. From initial concept to the final product - D3's solutions transform manufacturing and engineering operations by improving workflows, aligning clients with the right technologies, and providing educational pathways and support. D3 has been a trusted partner to U.S. manufacturers since 1999 and continues to partner with those that demand the best. See a full list of solutions and services at www.TeamD3.com

About The Madison Group

The Madison Group, incorporated in 1993, is a recognized global leader providing consulting services, technical expertise and innovative technology to the plastics industry. By leveraging knowledge and expertise in plastics, they open new vistas enabling plastics enterprises to develop and move new products to market more quickly; minimize time to market costs; and provider stronger, safer products to the world.


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