D3 Technologies and Self Interactive will work together to provide complete AR/VR interactive solutions

August 19, 2019

SPRINGFIELD, MO - August 19, 2019  - D3 Technologies, a national leader in providing Autodesk manufacturing solutions headquartered in Springfield, MO, and Self Interactive, another local to Springfield, Missouri firm with expertise in providing custom virtual reality & augmented reality (AR/VR) interactive environments for their clients, announces strategic partnership. Through this alliance, D3 and Self Interactive will work together to provide complete AR/VR interactive solutions to manufacturing clients throughout the U.S.

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AR/VR is a fast-rising technology, applied in several fields such as medical, gaming, military, sports, and now it’s quickly being adopted in many manufacturing sectors. With the combined talents of D3 Technologies and Self Interactive, D3's clients can use AR/VR for manufacturing activities such as product design, facilities layout planning, maintenance, CNC machining simulation, assembly planning, training, and more. 

A year or so ago, D3’s executive team identified AR/VR as a solution that we definitely wanted to offer our clients. About the time we set out to invest & build the capabilities inhouse at D3, I was introduced to Charlie Rosenbury and the team at Self Interactive. Within a few meetings of me hearing Charlie’s passion plus seeing how capable Self Interactive is in AR/VR development it just made sense to find a way to partner together to offer these solutions to all our manufacturing clients. This truly is a one plus one equals three, scenario.” -Kevin Schlack, President of D3 Technologies.

Our passion at Self Interactive is to create world-class custom software solutions tailored to an organization‘s business processes and goals. When I met with D3 and learned of their initiative to provide AR and VR solutions to their national roster of manufacturing clients, the partnership opportunity was obvious. Their track record of quality customer service and applied expertise is in perfect alignment with Self’s ability to execute within these cutting-edge technologies.” - Charlie Rosenbury, President of Self Interactive.

With this strategic partnership, D3 will provide all the aircover of selling, marketing, project managing, and integrating all of Self Interactives capabilities & expertise into new & existing projects with their manufacturing clients nationwide.

About D3 Technologies

D3 Technologies is an Autodesk Platinum-level partner, dedicated to Autodesk manufacturing solutions in North America; including being a valued integrator of Autodesk manufacturing and plant solutions. From initial concept to the final product - D3's solutions transform manufacturing and engineering operations by improving workflows, aligning clients with the right technologies, and providing educational pathways and support. D3 has been a trusted partner to U.S. manufacturers since 1999, and continues to partner with those that demand the best. See a full list of solutions and services at www.TeamD3.com

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