What is CAD LIVE?


CAD LIVE is a training platform which recreates the classroom experience in a remote and digital environment. Students and instructors are connected from any location into one large virtual classroom. CAD LIVE provides for lecture and demonstration from an instructor, as well as hands-on activity in hosted software for students. There are two main components to the digital classroom:

online meeting


Online Meeting

The online meeting is your virtual classroom. Students can see and speak with the instructor and with each other. They can also see the instructor's presentation and software demonstrations.

remote computer


Remote Computer

The Remote Computer gives students their own personal virtual machine for hands-on practice. Software and class files are provided through the platform. Instructors can review and assist students remotely.

How do I get started?


System recommendations to attend:

Google Chrome browser
5Mbps wired internet connection
Two-way audio, headset or other
Dual monitors

online meeting


1) Log In

Log in at d3.cadlive.net

2) Attend

Click the Attend link for your class

3) Online Meeting

Click the Online Meeting button when you’re ready to enter the classroom

For hands-on classes:

You'll have access to a remote computer with software and exercises provided.
You'll be able to share your screen with the instructor for assistance in hands-on exercises.  



Yes! Your performance on the remote computer may not be the best, but usually students can still benefit from hands-on exercises even with a slower connection.

While our remote computers are supported by most modern browsers, performance does vary. We recommend you install Google Chrome if possible, as it has the best performance with CAD LIVE. If that is not possible, Firefox or Safari should also work.

Yes, they can. The Online meeting can be run on one central screen with an audio device that will allow all students to participate in discussions. The online meeting would only need to be launched on this central device. All students will still launch their personal remote computers from their own devices. Alternately, multiple students can attend together and run their own online meetings if they are using headsets to reduce echo.

Dual monitors are recommended so you can watch the instructor’s screen and work on your remote computer at the same time when necessary. If you don’t have access to dual monitors you may still attend, but your experience may be inferior. If you are attending in a classroom as outlined in the previous question, dual monitors will not be necessary.

We highly recommend using a webcam. Visual communication accounts for a major part of the learning experience. Video connection between students and the instructor helps to recreate the physical classroom in a remote, digital environment. If you do not have access to a webcam, please let us know and we’ll work with you to make sure alternate communication methods are available.

Nope, all the software will be installed for you and ready to go when you launch your remote computer. Any class files needed will be provided on your remote computer or through another cloud-based tool.

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