Advanced Fusion Team capabilities

By RJ, Posted June 4, 2018

Does your company have a new Fusion Team Hub?  If not, you should definitely take a look at this previous blog post.  It covers the very important reasons you should be using the Fusion Team Hub for company projects, rather than just the free personal hub.  Not only do you get company-level security, but you get additional collaboration tools with the Team Hub.  A quick refresher below of the video from that blog post:

If you are new to the Fusion Team Hub, you might have some questions:

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  • I've already used Fusion 360 with the free personal hub.  How do I move my projects to the new Team Hub?
  • How can I upload an entire assembly and its part files (Inventor, Solidworks, etc.) as one design file in the Fusion Team Hub, instead of a bunch of individual files?
  • I heard you could use a Fusion Team Hub for doing live reviews on projects with others over the web!!  Where in the world do I find that tool?
  • There is a button for Calendar.  Can I use this to schedule events for my project, like the above-mentioned live reviews?!

If you haven't started using a company Fusion Team Hub yet, bookmark this page because you'll have these questions when you start!

"But Ryan, what are the answers to those questions?" you ask?  Well, you can check out this PDF from Autodesk for advanced functionality within your hub.  Still have questions?  Feel free to jump into the conversation below, we'll be glad to help!

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