Genesys Systems Integrator

GENESYS is a material-handling systems integrator that specializes in engineering, design-build and construction. GENESYS was founded in 1997 on a single premise - sound practices transcend industry type. That is, engineering, project management, manufacturing and construction skill can be applied to any material-handling challenge - from light bulbs to jets to fiberglass.

The Genesys Team bike club

GENESYS uses a host of Autodesk products, including AutoCAD Mechanical and Autodesk Inventor, to accomplish projects. Recently, the company completed a project using  Inventor. With over 40,000 parts in the model for the project, it was a large undertaking. It took 18 months to take this project from development to design & safety review, simulation, build, to full production and buy-off at GENESYS, then modular breakdown and construction at the customer site to complete the project.

“Our projects are always a unique blend of innovative engineering combined with integrating complete line processes. These designs help our customers achieve market advantage and become proprietary solutions,” says Mark Kinkade, Engineering Manager for the quote.

The Genesys Team marathonAt GENESYS, the philosophy is constant improvement with everything from tools, to software, to processes, to personnel development. Always seeking improvement, the company recently upgraded its entire engineering group with new workstations, operating systems, and the latest software from Autodesk. Those at GENESYS also go the extra mile to stay ahead of the competition, starting a blog site for users to search and keep up to date on tips and tricks, work instructions, fixes and training, and investing significantly in each employee to improve themselves through training, reading, seminars or trade shows. It’s this kind of commitment to their employees, customers, and projects that makes GENESYS stand out.

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