Isotec Security, Inc.

Isotec Security Inc. designs, tests, and builds some of the world’s most trusted safety entrance systems that combat and prevent acts of terrorism with automated security that functions independently or as part of an integrated security solution. Weapons, access, and material control provide security forces with threat assessment and containment, and remote or “eyes on” command and control, with 100% objective security. 

Isotec Security incorporates specifically engineered ballistic or blast-resistant security structures with interlocking doors, metal detectors, X-ray, SNM detectors, motion sensors, video analytics, credential, and personal positive identification devices, and anti-tailgating (ATG) for comprehensive 24/7 automated security. By developing customized control algorithms and being an early adopter of Touchscreen graphical user interface (GUI), Isotec Security leads in the use of the latest innovations to build the most sophisticated, cost-effective security solutions on the market today. Isotec Security provides unsurpassed integrated security technologies for the deterrence, detection, and protection against domestic and foreign acts of terrorism.

Simply put, Isotec’s systems protect some of the most secure facilities on the planet and the people within them.

While Isotec is a small company we see our responsibility to provide trusted safety systems to our dealers and their customers as mission critical. We invest in cutting edge technology to keep cost down and quality up. Technology such as AutoCAD and Inventor allow our engineers to design assemblies that not only work together, but fit together before prototypes are built and parts are ordered. Inventor also allows us to take designs from our engineering department and translate those files into a format that allows production to go directly into programming our CNC machines. This allows us to build parts that we know will work within the design, quickly, and with less cost than ever before. AutoCAD has been wonderful in allowing us to translate files from other vendors into Inventors 3D work environment and has also allowed Isotec to create files that work in outside vendor’s 2D CAD environment.

Showcase (as well as Photoshop) has allowed Isotec to create photo realistic renderings that allows our customers to make better informed decisions by helping end users visualize the final Safety System in their building. Showcase gives us that “WOW” factor that every sales team is looking for. We also use a lot of Word and Excel.

Visualization using Autodesk Showcase
*Autodesk Showcase is no longer available for sale. Howev,er Autodesk provides several design visualization solutions for different industries, from in-product visualization to cloud visualization services.

A great tool for Isotec has been the photo-realistic renderings. Not only does it give the decision-makers the confidence to move forward with the decision to install the Safety Systems into proposed locations, but has given Isotec clients the confidence that Isotec can bring a high level of safety to other locations and a request has been issued to have other locations surveyed for future Isotec Safety Systems!

Digital Prototyping using Autodesk Inventor

As an innovator in the field, Isotec is constantly looking for new ways to improve our products. Synergy is just another step towards providing an easy to use, technologically advanced, Safety Entrance. This new system boast a larger touchscreen interface with a wider viewing angle for Safety Entrance operators, a custom intercom system that integrates with the touchscreen with an easy to use interface, improved data communications options that brings more customization to our systems than ever before, as well as many other benefits. This new product brings high end features to the everyday customer.

 Isotec used Autodesk Inventor to design their new system, Synergy
Above: Isotec used Autodesk Inventor to design their new system, Synergy

Inventor, with the visualization tools, has allowed Isotec engineers to ensure the different parts of the new assembly will physically fit together and ensure space for correct wire routing and air flow before investment in parts are made with little investment in time. Not only has this approach shortened the time from development to production, but also reduces the upfront investment of purchasing parts that simply don’t work in the required space. 

In the second half of 2012, Isotec Security Inc. with the help of D3 Technologies began implementation of a new software package to reduce cost, improve the quality of Isotec product design, and to improve interoperability between internal partners, outside vendors, and customers. This software package includes AutoCAD Mechanical, Inventor, Showcase, as well as other programs and services provided by Autodesk. In conjunction with this software implementation, education was sourced though D3 Technologies which is an Autodesk Authorized Training Center.

Since the inception of these products and additional CAD training, costs have been reduced by streamlining the sales process through the use of sales documents (“Test Fits”) designed in Inventor with only slight modifications needed to produce shop quality drawing sets for production. This also reduces errors caused by the translation of information from one program into a CAD environment for production and verification. Utilizing and importing CAD data from customers and end consumers of Isotec products allows for accurate designs and speeds the sales cycle by delivering accurate, quality drawings in a format that customers can use in their CAD processes that further reduces general costs and errors. Showcase allows for a more realistic, higher quality rendering of design data that allows customer design decisions to be visualized and made with more confidence before production begins. These improved sales processes reduce the general sales cycle and creates better workflow performance. 

D3 Technologies customer quote

The new software also allows handling of information between departments internally and allows for information exchange externally with various vendors. Direct import of 3D parts and assemblies allows for better fitment and quality, improved spatial layout, and accurate modifications to vendors’ products. Direct exporting of 3D and 2D parts and assemblies allows for improved accuracy and better communication between vendors and Isotec engineers and the production team.

Reductions in the time it takes to make modifications and corrections to a particular design and communicate those changes to the production department and installation teams is just another benefit of the improved process and software. This reduces costly errors and mistakes in production as well as during the installation of Isotec Safety Systems and products.

Isotec is committed to improving our digital information by further investing in additional software, equipment, personnel, and strategic partnerships.

The strategic partnership with D3 Technologies continues to be a key relationship that will keep Isotec as a leading company within the security/safety industry as we continue to grow and branch out into new products to keep people safe.



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