Telecom Company

Finding Success in the Telecommunications Industry

"...we killed a bi-weekly meeting for 10 people that was 2 hours long...it's not needed anymore!" 

The Customer

Telecommunications is an ever-changing industry. The advances in technology have allowed telecommunications to evolve and become a part of our everyday lives, making communication faster and more efficient. A global leader in the telecommunications industry has many challenges in maintaining their customer base along with managing the quality of their service and their technology. Our customer is one of these global leaders becoming one of the first to bring 5G capabilities to the public.


The effect of our “microwave” society (wanting everything right now)  has made it paramount to streamline workflows and optimize customer/business relations to effectively service customers as soon as possible. Time=Money. The telecommunications market is a fast-paced world as a result of this and the need to respond to the customer is huge in brand recognition and customer loyalty. This company needed to analyze where they were failing to be efficient in their workflow and remedy those slow spots in their process. When customers have an issue with a product they have to be served. This client came to D3 for help on their Quality and Warranty process.


Challenges arose out of the need to have everything now with the customer’s satisfaction in mind. Inefficient workflows and unnecessary meetings in the process added more time to helping the customer achieve their end-goal. We had to search for those inefficiencies and find solutions that would not only make the customer happy, but that would also save money. 

Tracking, transmitting, and managing quality checks for their products when they processed warranty services was a manual process with spreadsheets being the form of data. Traceability and visibility in the collaboration process were inefficient and in some cases nonexistent. Client updates were inaccurate due to oversights. This called for an increase in accurate client updates throughout.

Why Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle?

Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle was the choice to solve this product lifecycle management (PLM) issue. Fusion Lifecycle is the culmination of technology and software that helps automate and define product processes in the workflow. This powerful software gives companies the control and coordination of documents and status inputs to be successful in evolving their cross-functional quality processes. 

This telecommunications company found success using Fusion Lifecycles. The addition of an automated process which alleviated the need for spreadsheets added the visibility and collaborative options they needed to speed up the process of working with warranty services. They could see their updates in realtime. Our D3 consulting team worked closely with them to help them through the process and support them with their transition to Fusion lifecycle. 

With Autodesk Fusion Lifecyle and D3 Technologies' Consulting team, the leader in the Autodesk product lifecycle management community, clients are now equipped with a solution that allows them to be in control of the status and update process in order to provide best in class customer support.

The Process

While the process to implement Fusion Lifecycle at any client demands a dedicated team of resources from each party, we found that identifying the user cases and requirements played a vital role for adoption. D3 and the client spent a fair amount of time documenting, implementing and testing the user requirements to ensure we were reaching success per the client's vision. As a final step of project acceptance, the training and support for the user base became priority for success in adoption of the implemented system.


The changes and new direction of the quality process for this client resulted in positive impacts to their ecosystem. Today, the client is able to provide accurate forecasting information with visibility into the different stages of the process, while capturing metadata for traceability and accountability needs.


D3 Technologies solves workflow challenges that have been traditionally solved with Excel Spreadsheets. Leaders needing more from their teams come to us to for Lean Engineering guidance. Quoting, Quality, Change Mgt., Items/BOMs, NPI, Production Planning, Project Mgt. are the big ones, but so many more that hold you back.

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