Column Cover Manufacturer

Column cover manufacturer takes 14hr process down to only 3 minutes.

D3 Technologies automated their painful estimating and design process to speed up customer response and lower the cost of sale.

Project Summary

For this manufacturing client, the speed of their response to bid requests profoundly influenced their ability to win jobs due to being classified as Basis of Design, or not. 

They required the ability to provide quick pricing and CAD accurate, specific data sets that would set them apart from their competition. These capabilities ultimately determine if a company is profitable after getting the job. That is why this column cover manufacturer came to D3 for help in those areas.

The Challenge – reduce the time by half or more

·         Quick and Accurate Creation of Model

·         Easy creation of General Arrangement drawing

·         Automated Downstream steps

·         Easy creation of Fabrication drawings

·         BOM export

·         DXF Flat Patterns for Shop floor

The Comprehensive Solution (from End to End)

Challenges arose out of the need to have everything now with the customer’s satisfaction in mind. Inefficient workflows and unnecessary meetings in the process added more time to helping the customer achieve their end-goal. We had to search for those inefficiencies and find solutions that would not only make the customer happy, but that would also save money. 

The tool now processes 80% of their orders and has resulted in a 35% increase in Revenue. This equipped our clients with a solution that allows them to beat the competition and increase their per order profit.

The Results

·         Tool now processes 80% of their orders
·         35% increase in Revenue
·         Reduced design time by 95%

“…our design time of 14 hours went down to 3 minutes…an order for 30 columns was done in a day vs well over a month like it used to…” Product Manager


User interface (ui) to design column

Model and drawing outputs with a click of a button

So easy to use!

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