Cynergy Ergonomics, Inc.

Cynergy Ergonomics Uses Autodesk Inventor as a Powerful Tool to Win Bids, Design and Complete Projects

Achieving Success with Digital Prototyping

Cynergy Ergonomics builds specialty and custom lifting systems. Their typical customer is handling heavy and awkward loads manually, posing injury risks to the operators. Cynergy’s goal is to build machines that address these safety issues while increasing productivity and improving risk management.

Cynergy uses Autodesk Inventor to prototype and design the machines they build. Mike Shannahan of Cynergy describes the software as the “big item” that the company uses to help secure contracts with customers and complete projects. Inventor is one of the Autodesk products for Digital Prototyping, allowing designers to work in 3D and visualize the designs before they’re real. Inventor can validate the form, fit and function of a design as you work, which can help reduce errors and allows designers to communicate effectively and deliver more innovative products faster. These advantages are the reason many manufacturing companies are choosing Digital Prototyping solutions over physical prototypes in order to move ahead of the competition.

Recently, Cynergy Ergonomics embarked on a project involving lifting and moving diesel exhaust assemblies. For this project, Cynergy’s tooling had to fit precisely with the contours of the customer’s parts. Cynergy worked with the customer’s solid models to design their tooling for the project. “It couldn’t have been accomplished without Inventor,” Shannahan said. Check out a video of the system here.


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