Autodesk Showcase for Realistic Compelling Imagery

Market your products before they're real with Autodesk 3ds Max.

Create accurate, highly realistic, and compelling imagery of industrial machinery, automotive designs, and consumer product digital prototypes.

With Autodesk Showcase software, designers can quickly evaluate multiple design variations by creating realistic, accurate, and compelling imagery from 3D CAD data. Then they can interactively view this imagery in realistic environments, helping make it easier and less expensive to make design decisions. Manufacturers streamline the following tasks with Autodesk Showcase:

  • Data preparation—Import models from Autodesk® Alias® products or CAD software, and convert them to a format suitable for high-quality, interactive 3D visualization.
  • Presentation authoring—Use Showcase to create a range of realistic design alternatives for design reviews. Apply realistic textures and materials—such as paint, glass, and leather—and place models in an environment for context.
  • Presentation review and decision making—Put your 3D CAD data on display. Present large models in a realistic, accurate way, so team members can make informed design decisions.

Autodesk Showcase for Realistic Gas Station Imagery

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