Evolve360 Training Plan

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Say "Goodbye!" To Ad-Hoc Training and Develop Optimized Skills! 
Evolve360 provides full access to our instructor-led training for an annual fee that allows for easy budgeting. Your team has the flexibility to take any course, at any time, as often as needed.

The Evolve360 process begins with assessments to assist in course selection. After that, D3 advisors place individuals in proven industry tracks or customize a plan to target their specific needs.
Increase efficiencies through more specialized instruction. Industry specialists train you around the latest workflows and technologies, taking your abilities to the next level.
Upper-Level Training Offerings guide you in adopting the latest technologies and creating a continuous learning environment for entire teams and organizations.

Course Offerings

  • AutoCAD Level I
  • AutoCAD Level II
  • AutoCAD Electrical
  • Introduction to Inventor
  • Inventor Basic Part Modeling
  • Inventor Assembly Modeling
  • Inventor Documentation
  • Inventor Advanced Part Modeling
  • Inventor Intelligent Modeling
  • Inventor Sheet Metal Design
  • Inventor Design Accelerators


  • Inventor Surface Modeling
  • Inventor Administration
  • Inventor Routed Systems (Tube & Pipe)
  • Inventor Routed Systems (Cable & Harness)
  • Inventor HSM CAM: 3D Milling
  • Inventor HSM CAM: Turning
  • Introduction to Inventor Simulation
  • iLogic in Inventor
  • Fusion 360: Intro to Parametrics
  • Fusion 360: Designing Parts


  • Fusion 360: Designing with Structure
  • Fusion 360: Drawing & Outputs
  • Additive Manufacturing & Generative Design
  • Siulation Mechanical
  • Simulation CFD
  • Vault Basic fo the User
  • 3ds Max
  • Plant 3D
  • Revit

As a part of Evolve360, we will provide an annual assessment of your team’s current skill level. Our assessment is a set of relevant and standardized questions that will help us evaluate training needs for your employees. The outcome of the assessments will be presented to you and we will use these results to help guide us in building a training path for each of your employees.

New Hire Assessments
This assessment tool will also be available to you to assess potential new hires to ensure they have the skill-set you require and are expecting. Investments made in hiring and on-boarding a new employee are a significant expense and new employees are a significant expense and something you want to be sure you get right the first time. Let our assessments provide you with peace of mind in knowing your new employee has the skills you expect.

I have found that by going through a training class at D3 Technologies, I have picked up on tips that I had just never stumbled over. These tips, along with learning the best practice on some of the key tools inside Inventor, will allow me to be much more productive on a daily basis.

Design & Drafting Supervisor, Saline, KS

Whether you have a lifetime of experience or it's your first time opening the software, D3's Evolve360 Training Plan can get you to the next level.

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