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Autodesk® Certification Program

Autodesk® Certification Program

Autodesk Certification Program

Autodesk Certification represents a reliable validation of your skills and knowledge which can lead to accelerated professional development promoting improved productivity and enhanced credibility in your field. As an approved testing and proctoring center, your local D3 office can assist you in achieving and maintaining your skills and Autodesk certifications. All Autodesk certification examines are hands-on and are delivered through a web-based official Autodesk proctoring center such as D3 TECHNOLOGIES.

Currently Autodesk offers two levels of examination for user knowledge and skill validation in the mechanical industry.

  • The Certified Associate for AutoCAD and Inventor
    - Recommended the users have minimum 100-200 hours of hands-on experience
  • The Certified Professional for AutoCAD and Inventor
    - Recommended the users have minimum 400+ hours of hands-on experience
    (Requirement note: You must successfully pass the Associate exam to obtain Professional certification)
Certification Preparation

D3 TECHNOLOGIES recommends that those who wish to become Autodesk certified to have taken training from a D3 Autodesk Authorized Training Center, have reviewed Autodesk Official Training material, or have taken part in a D3 TECHNOLOGIES certification review session as well as in depth, hands-on industry experience with the application software. The objectives in the Associate and Professional exams come directly from AOTC courseware. To prepare, you can download via the internet the Autodesk Certification Exam Guides directly from Autodesk at: http://

The Certification Exam

Exam Procedures:

  • Purchase and schedule your exam
  • Arrive 30 min ahead of the schedule time
  • Exam prohibits use of calculators, books and any other electronic equipment other than what's provided
  • Exam proctor can provide scratch paper but it will be collected when the test is finished
  • The proctor will seat and assist you in starting the exam
  • The proctor can answer questions about the process but can not answer or discuss test questions
  • Notification of exam success or failure is immediate upon exam completion

Exam Benefits:

  • Validation of your software knowledge
  • Electronic Certificate
  • Autodesk Associate and Professional Certification Logo
  • Immediate Diagnostic feedback
  • Listing on the Autodesk Certified Users database

General Questions & Facts:

  • Certifications exams are available for AutoCAD and Inventor
  • Certification is software version based and does not expire
  • Certifications are static to the version, in other words, there are no update exams
  • Users who fail can retake the exam in 7 working days up to 3 times a year after which you must wait 1 year
  • It is highly recommended users take the Associate exam prior to taking the Professional exam
  • Preparation exams are available for pre-testing practice, contact your exam site, these are fee-based
  • In many cases trial versions of the software are available, contact your D3 office for assistance
  • Although time based, the exams can be halted for breaks and resumed for total time
  • Test questions you are unsure of can be marked for review and revisited during the exam
  • Each test starts with a non-timed tutorial to familiarize you with the exam format and procedures

If you have any questions regarding any aspect of the Autodesk Certification program, please feel free to call your local D3 office and ask for your sales representative or the local Certification Exam proctor.