By RJ in Fusion 360, Posted May 11, 2017

Fusion 360 Goes Sheet Metal (beta)

I got access to the Fusion 360 Sheet Metal beta recently.  If you don’t already know, yes, Fusion 360 will be getting sheet metal!  It has, after all, been one of the number one requested features on the IdeaStation.  As usual for many new features in Fusion 360, the tools start out in a limited beta phase.  You can request access to beta programs if you want to help with testing and development during that phase, and once invited to the beta your new stuff automatically becomes available as soon as you log in to Fusion 360.  Yes, on any machine, nothing…

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By Eric Schubert in Fusion 360, Posted May 3, 2017

Use Fusion 360's Shape Optimization for Strong, Lightweight Parts

Weight.  It’s always a consideration.  How heavy is my product?  How will that affect shipping costs?  Can I reduce the amount of material that I’m using?  Can we design better blanks for faster machining?  These questions constitute just a small number that pop up during the design of various products.  These issues have traditionally been handled through physical prototypes and educated guesses.  But, what if you could address the issue of weight savings ahead of time, early on in the design phase of a project? Checking out Autodesk’s newest product,…

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By RJ in Fusion 360, Posted April 20, 2017

Fusion 360 update! 4.19.2017

Just today I wrapped up a series of Hands-On Test Drives for SOLIDWORKS users interested in using Fusion 360 to expand their capablilities.  I wanted to show how SWx files behave in Fusion and what you are able to do with them once they are there.  This post is not about that though.  It’s about what happened between day one and day two. What happened?  Fusion 360 got its latest update last night, April 19th!  The first set of test drives were before the update, and the rest were after.  I had to adjust a few things on the fly for the second day, and si…

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By RJ in Fusion 360, Posted April 18, 2017

Fusion 360 Simulation - More Than Just a Toy?

Last week I was at the annual Autodesk training in Denver, CO.  We get to do a lot of hands-on review of what’s new in the latest releases of software as well as get reinforcement on the latest strategies and stuff, you know, like Jedi training for the Autodesk channel.  So, there I was sitting in a session for Nastran In-CAD, which, if you don’t know, includes very advanced and awesome simulation tools that run straight inside of Inventor or SOLIDWORKS. After the first hands-on exercise started, I thought, I wonder how these workflows would play out in…

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By Scott Dibben in Fusion 360, Posted April 10, 2017

A360 Confused?

Early last week I was working in F360 (Fusion 360) and I ended up totally confused about my data storage options. So what did I do?  I could have tried chasing down articles on the Web and piecing together the truths and half-truths out there hoping to get it right, but instead I contacted our (D3) support team.  Low and behold, within minutes instead of hours, they had me straightened out.  You’re probably saying “It must be nice having the ability to ask a team of techs a quick question.”  Of course it is, but as many of you know our support line is op…

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