By RJ in Fusion 360, Posted March 15, 2018

Why would ANYONE want a process this simple?!

I recently was working on a design project in Fusion 360.  The design was delivered and the client was sending files off to the 3D printing service that would be making prototypes.  Late in the process however, we hit a snag.  We discovered the STL files provided had been accidentally split into two bodies.  The files could be printed with a lot of extra rework and mesh modification, but it would be much easier for me to fix them in Fusion 360. Buy Fusion 360 Add Fusion 360 to your cart to subscribe now. Here's what happened next: As soon as I g…

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By RJ in Fusion 360, Posted March 6, 2018

Autodesk Fusion 360 - 2018 Roadmap Update

If you're thinking it's been a while since you heard anything about new stuff in Fusion, well that's because Autodesk has been hard at work on actually building the updates!  And before you ask, no, the image above is not some kind of new age periodic table.  It's my infographic on all the major updates that were just announced in the latest Fusion 360 roadmap post!! The green tiles represent features that are ready to go, the yellow tiles are features in progress, and the few blue tiles are updates that are planned for development later this year. …

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By Daniel Douglas in Fusion 360, Posted January 12, 2018

Did Fusion 360 Behave? Take a Look at 2017

Have you ever purchased an app, a game, or professional software and found it to be seriously lacking? You know, those feelings of frustration and the endless stream of “Who wanted this…” and “Why didn’t they just…” The worst part is that there is usually no hope that the software get better (many “fixes” are worse than the problem they solve). Like any software, Fusion has flaws, but are those flaws just part of the scenery or can we expect change? Let’s take a look at the last year of updates and see what kind of pattern emerges. Bugs and glitch…

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By RJ in Fusion 360, Posted December 15, 2017

Fusion 360 - December 2017 Update

AnyCAD, in Fusion 360!!!  This is the most exciting update I'm going to talk about today, and it wasn't even part of the December 5th update to Fusion 360.  AnyCAD was released to Fusion Team Users a few weeks earlier.  I learned all about it at Autodesk University, and I'll tell you a few highlights below.  Besides AnyCAD, if you've been using Fusion 360 recently you may have noticed a few other goodies with the last couple of updates.  Queue the highlights! AnyCAD workflow are now available with Inventor and SOLIDWORKS files.  What is AnyCAD, you as…

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By Daniel Douglas in Fusion 360, Posted December 6, 2017

Fusion EXPLORE: Drone Chassis - Part 2

Welcome back everybody! Let’s EXPLORE Autodesk Fusion 360!  This post is part of an ongoing series, so if you want to start at the beginning, then click here. After designing and prototyping the motor mounts, I had to figure out what to do with the control board and battery. In order to achieve a lightweight and minimalist design, I decided to simply mount the control board directly to the airframe and build a sort of crash cage around it. Since all of the quadcopter electronics are soldered together (and I didn’t want to tear everything apart and sold…

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